What is Executive Coaching?

The term business coaching will mean slightly different things to different people, but will usually be along the lines of either an internal or external coach talking through with individuals the issues which are holding them back from fulfilling their potential at work. They will discuss the problems and come up with action plans to help the person being coached break down those barriers to get to where they want to be.

Executive coaching is fundamentally the same process, only with executives and senior management who are likely to have similar issues or problems which affect the company as a whole. For example, whilst an employee may have an issue such as wanting to become more organised to increase the quality of their work with the aim of gaining a promotion, an executive is likely to have issues such as doubts about whether to implement a series of radical changes to the working practices of the company, and the impact that such a change would have for the future success or failure of the firm.

Many executives will not have someone within the organisation with whom they can discuss problems or doubts with. Whilst employees will be expected to turn to their line manager for help and guidance, most executives will only have their fellow directors and executives with which to talk about problems. Although they may discuss strategy, they are unlikely to talk about personal business-related issues, and in many corporate boardrooms this would simply not happen.

Executive coaching sessions can be tailored around your work commitments, and will provide you with the experienced sounding board with which to generate ideas and action plans. For information regarding business and executive coaching, visit the Business Coaching Foundation by clicking on the logo above.