Business Coaching

Business coaching is concerned with the development of workers' skills and performance, along with their commitment and dedication to the organisation. By discussing and working through the barriers which are holding them back, employees are much more likely to achieve their full potential, which will have many benefits for the company such as increased profit levels and less staff rotation due to fewer employees leaving to seek better conditions elsewhere.

Many companies will put their managers through business coaching courses so that they are then in a position to become a workplace coach. They will then be able to sit down with members of their department or team and help them develop and perform to the best of their abilities in their job role. Accredited coaching qualifications such as those by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) are some of the most respected in the world and are perfect for those who wish to become a coach to those for whom they have responsibility for.

However, the development of people is not just limited to non-managers. As well as undertaking business coaching courses to become a coach themselves, many managers will also engage the services of a business coach to help them overcome their own particular barriers and issues which are holding them back from achieving their full potential. This is sometimes known as executive coaching when it involves senior managers or directors of companies having coaching sessions where they can discuss issues such as the future direction of the business or problems they have encountered whilst implementing major change initiatives.